Truly Great Coffee

It's not just about the coffee, though. 


It's about the friends you bump into at LilyBean. The ideas that are exchanged. The laughs that are shared. The new people you meet. 


LilyBean is not just located at the center of Shelby, it's part of the heartbeat of the community. 

So whether you're grabbing something to go or have time to stay a while, know that the coffee is just the beginning of another great day in Uptown Shelby.

Really Fresh Coffee 


Fresh is best, so we roast 7 days a week.


Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


It starts with high-quality green beans from all over the world. We order in small batches and select crops that are shade-grown at high altitudes. 


Why does this matter? Shade-grown, high-altitude coffee shrubs grow slower, which means they're pest resistant, and therefore organic.


Coffee beans are seasonal, so our coffee selection comes from different regions throughout the year.


Once the beans reach LilyBean, we create a roast profile specifically for that batch.